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"With great power comes great responsibility" has been the guiding star for many superhero stories. But just as Uncle Ben's wisdom is taken as an article of faith by many fans, there's another equally compelling statement about power: "Power corrupts." While Marvel and DC explore the virtuous types of superheroes, telling stories about characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, and more, other comic writers explore superpowers from a different angle. That's what Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson wanted to do when they first wrote their graphic novel, The Boys. Now a major series streaming, The Boys shows how a toxic combination of celebrity and superpowers might tempt one to act selfishly or even abusively and how society might respond. The title refers to a group of regular people who've all suffered in some way due to "supes" carelessness. The show has received high praise for its dynamic, thoughtful characters. Take our quiz to find out what kind of hero or antihero suits your personality the best!

Did you know?

Simon Pegg was the original inspiration for Hughie?

When Garth Ennis was first developing The Boys, he wanted the protagonist, Hughie Campbell, to display a balance between toughness and innocence. Ennis was a huge fan of films like Shaun of the Dead and Spaced, which both feature Simon Pegg playing a tough-but-naive lead character. As an homage to Pegg's acting talents, he used the actor's characters as his inspiration for Hughie. When the time came to develop the book's character art, Ennis reached out to Pegg for permission to use his likeness. The actor happily agreed! If you read the graphic novel, you can definitely see Pegg in Hughie's eyes and goatee. And when the time came to turn The Boys into a TV show, Ennis didn't forget Pegg. Though Jack Quaid plays Hughie in the show, Simon Pegg has several cameos in Season 1 as Hughie's bemused but loving father. After a particularly nasty encounter with a "supe," Hughie has to stash his dad in the equivalent of a witness protection program while he continues going after the man who killed his girlfriend.

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