Which Character From Ratched Fits Your Personality?

Have you ever felt slightly murderous? Maybe you're simply ready and raring for revenge? Well, it's time for your psychological diagnosis. Get ready to find out if you're more of a Mildred or an Edmund…you never know what will happen when you enter the world of Lucia State Hospital. No one is safe from temptation or analysis, not even the quiet ones. So, buckle up and dive into our questions to find your Ratched counterpart.

Did you know?

Ratched is linked to the infamous book "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"?

"Ratched" is a prequel to the infamous 1962 book, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," wherein Nurse Ratched is the main antagonist. Ken Kesey's revolutionary novel was an instant hit, openly criticizing American institutions and exploring themes of rebellion against conformity. The book became a film in 1975, with Jack Nicholson cast as the protagonist, Randle McMurphy. During filming, Nicholson noted how disturbed he was by the rest of the cast, who refused to break character, even off-camera. Little did we know, however, that US customs almost put the kibosh on the film ever being created. Confiscated by Czechoslovakian customs, director Miloš Forman never received the first copy of the novel! It took over a decade for the mess of the missing copy to be sorted and for film production to commence. To think we could have been without the iconic five-time Academy Award winner!

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