Which Character From Princess Mononoke Are You?


Miyazaki’s catalog of cinematic masterpieces have enamored audiences around the world; the film Princess Mononoke is widely considered one of his best, and if you’ve seen it (which chances are you have; otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be taking this quiz), then there’s no question as to why. It’s a movie with layers: layered characters like Ashitaka, San, Moro, Lady Eboshi, the Forest Spirit, and Okkoto, as well as a theme that tackles the existence of man and nature and how the struggle to coexist respectfully, can lead to disastrous results. It isn’t a black and white story with exclusively good or bad characters, as is such in real life, and perhaps that is why Princess Mononoke has captured the hearts of so many. We can resonate with these characters' plights, perspectives, and personalities, but who exactly do you relate to the most? Take this quiz and find out!

Did you know?

The inspiration behind Iron Town's workers

Iron Town was depicted as a safe haven, and a second chance of sorts, for outcasts, criminals, and prostitutes as offered by Lady Eboshi. In return for her kindness and generosity, her people extended their devout loyalty and adoration. Fans of the movie noticed that many of the residents were extensively bandaged, which spurred various speculations in regards to their true condition. The original script states that these individuals suffer from “an incurable disease,” and some fans theorized that it may have been leprosy. Leprosy is a contagious disease affecting the nerves and skin; it can cause lumps and discoloration, and even deformities and disfigurement. Miyazaki eventually came forward to confirm that this theory was indeed true; he even visited with real-life patients to discuss their experiences so as to make his representation more authentic. His vision involved the portrayal of those who were evidently chronically ill but were making the best of their existence.

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