Which Character From My Neighbor Totoro Is Your Bestie?


My Neighbor Totoro is one of animation's most enduring fairytales. There’s a lot to love about the film — from the breathtaking sceneries to a stirring soundtrack — but the cast of eccentric characters is where the movie shines. They represent the best in everyone, even if they can be over-the-top with their antics. Whether they’re making the best of a bad situation, pouring their hearts out, or throwing a tantrum, every character is someone we already know or would likely befriend. It makes you wonder: if you could meet the characters of the Studio Ghibli classic, which personality would you relate to the most? Could you connect with a wise elder who has a wealth of knowledge to teach, or would you bond more closely with an introvert who loves to be up all night? Answer the following questions and discover which My Neighbor Totoro character could be your new best friend.

Did you know?

No one knows what a Totoro is — Including Miyazaki

What is a Totoro? Film enthusiasts and anime fans alike have posed many theories as to who — or what — the beloved character represents. From ancient deities to referencing a 20th-century true crime story, conspiracy theories about the film's magical creature are plentiful. According to Miyazaki, however, a Totoro is a unique creation with ambiguous origins. His physique is a cross between an owl, a bear, and a badger. As for his personality, the cuddly beast is easygoing but elusive, and he doesn't speak much. Miyazaki clarified in interviews that this was because he didn't want audiences to know if Totoro was intelligent or not or if he was even real. The director's dedication to Totoro's mysterious nature led him to respond differently each time someone asked about the character. The most likely answer is that Totoro is a mispronunciation of tororu, the Japanese word for a troll. Based on the final credits, we can assume that Satsuki and Mei learned of tororu from the bedtime stories their mother read to them. One thing is for certain; My Neighbor Totoro reflects Miyazaki's love for the natural beauty of his home in Tokorozawa.

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