Which Character from Kiki's Delivery Service Are You?


If you’re a big fan of Kiki’s Delivery Service, you were undoubtedly charmed by the young witch Kiki and by all of the other fun and exciting people who inhabit Koriko. Like most of Miyazaki’s movies, this one is full of the kinds of characters who stay with you long after the movie’s end. You may have fantasized about what it would be like, to live in that familiar yet magical city. Could you find a way to make it on your own, like Kiki does? Could you live your own life, far from civilization, like Ursula does? Would you be the hard-working, strong, silent type, like the stoic Fukuo? Take this quiz we’ve made for you; you can soon find out.

Did you know?

Why is the movie so relatable for young Japanese girls?

Kiki's Delivery Service is a movie about growing up and learning to trust yourself. However, American fans might not notice the theme about the tension between tradition and modernity. Take Kiki's clothing, for example. She wears all black, just like traditional witches do in her world. However, she also puts a red bow in her hair as a way of bucking the same tradition she is honoring and showing that she is still going to be herself. The movie's plot is also, on the surface, a very traditional Japanese story about a magical girl, just like many others found in Japanese theaters and television shows. However, Miyazaki deliberately made Kiki's magic very different from that of traditional Japanese magical girls: instead of being a means of wish fulfillment; it is simply an ordinary skill that is rather limited in many ways, not something capable of making wishes come true. By developing this theme, Miyazaki was showing something about the issues that young Japanese girl's Kiki's age deal with.

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