Personality Match: Find Out Which Bridgerton Character You Are!

Whether you loved it or loved to hate it - chances are you have seen Netflix's hit series Bridgerton. You maybe even fantasize about the type of dress you'd wear at your debut into society. Did you find yourself captivated by the luxury and wealth of Daphne and her family, or did you resonate more with the characters who were happy with less? Did you find yourself siding with the conniving and mysterious characters or the humble and sweet ones? Are you more interested in the traditional role of pursuing a man, or do you find yourself wanting to explore your career and studies instead? With a host of personalities in Regency-era London, life was a bit different back in 1813. Take this quiz to find out which Bridgerton character matches your personality if you lived in past high-society English times. You may be surprised which character fits your personality best!

Did you know?

How historically accurate is Bridgerton?

Most viewers will quickly learn that while Bridgerton is a fun play on events that took place in the Regency era, they are far from historically accurate. What you may be surprised to hear is that it's intentional! When Julia Quinn set out to write Bridgerton novels, she created an imagined version of 19th-century London. This was then cultivated into the hit television series where the show's creators also wanted to put a modern twist on historical events allowing modern-day viewers to relate. Despite this, there are still a number of surprising historical accuracies that took place. High society did partake in a social season similar to that of the show (so jealous), and Queen Charlotte did well and truly exist (how fierce is she!) By combining true elements of London in the 1800s with the modern-day, the show became a massive hit for many generations alike.

How to Play?

Our personality quizzes are set up a little differently than your basic trivia quiz, but you’ve probably seen their kind around. Rather than having to choose the right answer from a list of multiple choice options, in this case, there is no “right answer”! (Two plus two will always be four, but every Golden Girls character is equally awesome.)

So, stop stressing. Just click on the answer that suits you best, and enjoy the ride. These quizzes are just for fun but who knows – you might just learn something about yourself along the way!

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