Which Avenger Are You?


When it first began, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a complete stab in the dark from a tired, almost bankrupt Marvel. They didn't own the rights to any of their biggest characters, having sold them off to various studios years ago. As a last-ditch effort at maintaining solvency, they made Iron Man. What should have been a complete flop broke superhero movie records and put Marvel in a position to create the largest movie universe ever conceived. Helmed by comic book nerd Kevin Feige, the MCU doesn't look like it's about to slow down. With the recently completed plot sequence being dubbed "Phase One," we might be in for another couple of decades of Marvel action. Unsurprisingly, the success of the MCU comes down to its fans; most of us would go see just about anything Marvel puts out. If you were to jump through a portal into the Marvel dimension, which hero would you become? Who do you identify with the most? If you've ever wondered which Marvel superhero defines you, this is the quiz for you. When you're done, share it with your friends, so you can compare results — who's in your Super Squad?

Did you know?

Where Did Kevin Feige Come From?

Kevin Feige has worked for Marvel in some capacity since the 90s, when he helped make the Blade movie. Aside from that, Feige has always been a huge comic book nerd. Right now, he seems like the obvious person to helm the Marvel movies, but that wasn't always the case. When Feige graduated from high-school, there was one school, and one school only that he wanted to attend: The University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, the same school his heroes — like George Lucas and Robert Zemeckis — went to. The first time he applied, he didn't get in. He didn't get in the second time he applied, either. In fact, Kevin Feige, the man we all know as the producing genius behind the entire MCU, the man who personally weaves the narrative for the entire story, didn't get into film school until his sixth attempt. Fans of Marvel should thank Feige's lucky stars; since starting as an exec on Blade, pretty much everything he has ever produced has had something to do with Marvel.

How to Play?

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