Which Attack on Titan Character Are You Actually?


Attack on Titan taps into one of our most basic fears as living beings: being eaten by a monster. The show takes fight or flight to a whole new level, with humanity having to battle off an unending invasion of clumsy yet deadly man-eating giants. Like in any horror story, it's natural to wonder how you'd do fighting to save yourself and your loved ones. Could you handle the stressful situations in the show, or would you crack? The vulnerable characters in the show provide reflections of how we would act in those bleak circumstances. Would you be a fearless Titan slayer like Mikasa? Or a clever battle strategist like Armin? Survival of the fittest doesn't always mean the strongest. In a world where monsters walk among men, you have to learn to survive, but everyone has their own style. Take our quiz to find out which Attack on Titan character you are most like!

Did you know?

What's the history of giants?

Giants are present in folklore all around the world, although they have different meanings depending on the culture. One of the earliest mentions of giants comes from the Greeks. Giants in Greek mythology often had human upper halves and snake bodies, but despite their disturbing appearance, they later became a symbol of good winning over evil. The Greeks also believed giants lived under mountains and that earthquakes were a sign of their presence. Related, giants in Japanese mythology were described as so large they could carry mountains. Some Japanese giants even had skeletons for bodies. However, the giants in Attack on Titan are more based on European folktales' depictions of giants, which were usually evil, dim, and prone to eating people and farm animals. Not all giants are bad in mythology, though. For example, in some English folktales, giants were friendly towards humans. Norse mythology even depicts giants as intelligent and excellent builders.

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