Which Angel Beats Character Are You?


Angel Beats has a cult following - and for good reason. It's often considered to be one of the best animes ever made! The story of Yozuru Otonashi, the boy who entered the afterlife school after losing his memories and quickly gets invited to join the Afterlife Battlefront has captivated the hearts of millions! Fans of the show know that it can make you laugh out loud and cry your eyes out within the same episode, which is what makes it such a beloved anime. Few other shows have managed to tackle a serious topic, such as the idea of an afterlife, and turned it into an exciting, watchable show. Do you identify with any of the main characters? Are you caring and loving like Yuzuru or determined and sensitive like Yuri? Maybe you share Hideki's brightness and dependability? Well, there's only one way to find out!

Did you know?

We almost got twice as much Angel Beats content

People love Angel Beats for its fast-paced, frenetic story and compelling characters, but did you know that the show wasn't originally going to be like that? Originally, the show was meant to last for two cour, a development measurement in Japan that equates to 12-13 episodes, a total of up to 26. However, the show was rescheduled part of the way through production and dramatically cut down to a single cour. It was too late to restructure the anime and make it from scratch, so the developers had to fit a story designed for 26 episodes into half as many. While Angel Beats quickly earned a large, passionate fan base, many people have observed that it seems like the show ends as soon as it begins. It wasn't a coincidence that people felt this way, given what went on behind the curtain. Despite these obstacles, though, Angel Beats still turned out as a great anime.

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