Which Adorable Plushie Are You?


Plushies – the lovable huggable friends we can rely on when everyone else lets us down. Where would we be without them? Maybe you call them stuffies, teddies, or even cuddlies – but from classic teddy bears to magical mermaids, funny frogs, and cute kittens, there's an adorable plushie for everyone. Whether yours still lives in your bed ready for hugs, sits proudly on display, or is gathering dust on a shelf, they're bound to hold a big place in your heart. But imagine you get into an argument with a wizard – or maybe a beautiful fairy appears and waves a magic wand – 'poof!' all of a sudden, you're transformed into one of these squishy cuties. What kind of plushie would you be? Take this quiz to find out, then challenge your friends to have a go – will you want to hug them close or leave them in a box in the basement?

Did you know?

A very brief history of the plushie

Though bears are the most famous plushies, it's believed that the first-ever recorded stuffed toy was a plush elephant. The cuddly pachyderm was originally intended to be used as a pin cushion and was created in Germany in 1880 by the Steiff company, which still makes plushies today. The first commercially mass-produced plushie in the United States soon followed – a cat known as Ithaca Kitty. The beginning of the 20th century saw the creation of the first teddy bear, made by Morris Michtom, who was inspired after seeing an illustration of President Theodore Roosevelt with an adorable bear cub. This became known as 'Teddy's Bear.' The popularity of these appealing and accessible toys grew and grew. The toy industry expanded, and it also became increasingly common for people to make their own versions at home. For example, the beloved sock monkey-style plushie comes from parents ingeniously recycling old socks so they could still provide toys for their kids during the Great Depression. Today, plushies are as popular as ever, with more amazing varieties available all over the world. A big thank you to the originators of this meme!

How to Play?

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