Which 90s Female Pop Star Are You?


Growing up in the 90s, we all had fantasies of being the next MTV Unplugged star, and although that dream may have faded faster than a pair of old Levi's it doesn't mean we can't think about what 90s female pop star we're most like. Put on a record — maybe Temple of the Dog, Spice Girls, or Lisa Loeb — and answer a few questions. We'll have you reliving the glory of the 90s and Y2K fears in no time.


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Did you know?

Remember Y2K?

The Y2K bug was a significant fear in the nineties. When computers were first created to save code space, only two digits of the year were present in the date, and it feared that when the century changed from 1999 to 2000 on New Year's Day, the computers would stop operating. In fact, billions of dollars were spent in the years leading up to Y2K to prevent computers from crashing and potentially destroying the economy. Of course, New Year's Day arrived, and we survived! Perhaps there was no real threat in the first place, and that's why nothing happened! More likely, though, businesses and programmers prepared so furiously that they mitigated the effects that would have taken place on New Year's Day.

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