Where Should Your Next Road Trip Take You?


If you're like us, it's only a matter of time before you'll start to need your road trip fix. Deciding to hit the road is the easy part. It's deciding where to go first; that's the hard part. You can either throw a dart at the United States map to pick your next road trip destination — which is not a bad idea, now that we think about it — or you can take this quiz to see which state you should plan your next road trip around. Whether you're taking off with your best friends or you're planning a soul-searching solo trip to refresh your mind and body, there are plenty of places that should scratch that road trip itch. Let's look at your personal style and some of the things you're looking for in your perfect trip to see where you should go next!

Did you know?

Route 66: the quintessential road trip

Arguably, the start of the classic American road trip as we know it was created alongside the development of Route 66. This famous road connected Chicago, Illinois, with Los Angeles, California, and was the first completely paved all-weather highway in the United States. Route 66 shortened the distance between the two cities by 200 miles and attracted thousands of drivers through the years. It was most popular in the mid-1900s, inspiring an Americana style that still affects how people take on road trips in the United States today. Though the highway was decommissioned in 1985, you can still follow its path today and enjoy the same interesting sights people enjoyed when Route 66 was in its prime.

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