What's Your Leadership Style? Autocratic, Democratic, or Laissez-Faire?


What sort of leader are you? Do you have a democratic style, an autocratic one, or a more laissez-faire approach? Perhaps you're not particularly interested in leadership at all. Your leadership style has a significant impact on your working relationships. There are many different ways to lead a team and some individuals prefer working with one leadership style over the others. The best leaders can adjust their styles depending on the team they're working with and the task at hand, to maximize the productivity and effectiveness of the team. Knowing your leadership style and the strengths and weaknesses of that specific style can help you improve the way you interact with your subordinates, and can pay off when it comes to interviewing new people to join your team too. Take this quiz to discover what sort of leadership style you lean towards. Your direct reports will thank you for it!

History Lesson

Leadership of Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill stands as a beacon of hope in history, especially during the tumultuous times of World War II. Beginning his journey at the Royal Military College of Sandhurst and experiencing battles in places like Cuba and India, he emerged as a leader whose words and actions inspired a nation under siege. His speeches, brimming with determination, became rallying cries. "We shall go on to the end... we shall never surrender," he declared, encapsulating the spirit of resilience.

Churchill's foresight set him apart. While many lauded the Munich Agreement, he voiced concerns about appeasing Nazi Germany. His predictions about Hitler's threat and the onset of World War II were eerily accurate. Moreover, his early warnings about Communist Russia highlighted his ability to anticipate global shifts. For Churchill, preparation was paramount. He believed that preparing for war was the only way to preserve a nation's wealth and territory.

Yet, beyond strategy, it was Churchill's passion and personality that left an indelible mark. His commitment to democratic freedom was unwavering, and his innovations, like championing the invention of the tank, showcased his forward-thinking approach. Serving on the frontlines during World War I, he demonstrated the courage that few leaders possess. But it was his wit and charm, evident in his interactions in the House of Commons or with his staff during cold winters, that truly endeared him to many. Churchill's leadership was a blend of grit, humor, and humility, making him a figure of admiration and inspiration for generations to come.

Whether he was lighting a fire for his typists during a cold winter or exchanging witty banter in the House of Commons, Churchill's personality was a blend of determination, humor, and humility. As he once humbly remarked, "I had the luck to be called upon to give the roar."

Did you know?

The three basic leadership styles defined in 1939

The three basic styles of leadership people still talk about today in business textbooks were defined by Kurt Lewin in 1939. Today, there are some more modern additions to those styles, such as the concept of "transformational leadership". The Autocratic, Democratic, and Laissez-Faire leadership styles are still covered in textbooks today. So don't be too quick to dismiss your grandparents when they're offering you advice on office politics. When it comes to human nature, not much has changed and they still have a thing or two to teach you from their MBA even if they did learn it from dead-tree textbooks rather than online. The additional styles of leadership build on those three core styles and the idea of blending styles of leadership was promoted by Gill Kirk in the early 2000s. Before you can blend styles, though, it's useful to know what your core style of leadership actually is.

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