What's Your Genshin Impact Element?

Genshin Impact is the hot new RPG. The plot is a deeply complex one: Taking place on the world of Teyvat, you follow the path of the Traveler, who must traverse seven nations — each tied to seven elements — in an effort to find their twin. While doing so, you and your party become linked to the path of the seven nations and these elements.

Fire, Earth, Nature, Ice, Wind, Lightning, and Water all play a critical role in the story and are linked to the core of the gameplay and the story.

If you're a fan of Genshin Impact, you've probably wondered which element you're most alike? We'll help you find out!

Did you know?

How you combine elements is the key to success

Genshin impact is an amazing video game on multiple platforms. But did you know that it also has its own manga series that has proven to be highly successful? As of today, the manga — which is based on the video games — has sixteen full chapters that are available in thirteen different languages.

In the manga - like in the game - combing elements is key to victory. Doing so allows characters to unleash special abilities designed to kill enemies. Each player develops their own strategy and preferred attacks based on their method of play. Ultimately, this is why elements are important, and you should learn all the elements.

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