What's Your Future Crush's Name?


Perhaps you've just come out of a relationship, and you're feeling single and ready to mingle. Or maybe you're in high school wondering about your romantic prospects and fantasizing about meet-cutes at swim meets. You're not entirely sure what your crush is going to look like, let alone what their mom decided to call them on the day they were born, however many years ago. Hold that thought. We may or may not have a superpower that allows us to guess the name or surname of your future crush, situationship, or soulmate. We can't say for sure whether this person will be your one true pairing (OTP), but we're fairly certain that you will form some sort of memorable connection with them. Fate brought you to this moment, so take this quiz and keep the result at the back of your mind as you meet and interact with new and exciting people.

History Lesson

The Whirlwind Romance of Crushes

The concept of having a crush might seem as timeless as love itself, but its journey through history is both fascinating and complex. From the courtly love of medieval times to today's swipe-right culture, the way we understand and experience that heart-fluttering attraction to another person has evolved dramatically. In the Middle Ages, the notion of courtly love transformed the idea of romantic desire into an art form, where knights and noble ladies expressed their feelings through poetry and song, often pining for someone they could not have. This era laid the groundwork for the modern crush, emphasizing the intense, often unattainable desire that characterizes these fleeting affections.

Fast forward to the 19th century, and literature began to reflect more personal, introspective experiences of love and longing. The Romantic period, with its focus on emotion and individualism, brought us stories of passionate, often doomed love that resonated deeply with readers, making the concept of having a crush both a personal and profoundly universal experience. It was during this time that the language of love became more nuanced, allowing for the expression of the myriad feelings that come with having a crush, from exhilaration to heartache.

In the 20th and 21st centuries, the evolution of media and technology gave rise to new ways to experience and express crushes. From the dreamy idols of cinema to the accessible celebrities of social media, crushes became both more widespread and more personal. The digital age has transformed the way we connect with our crushes, making it easier to find and communicate with those who capture our hearts, even if just for a fleeting moment. As we continue to navigate the complexities of love and attraction in the digital era, the history of having a crush reminds us that this sweet, sometimes bitter, part of the human experience is as changing as it is eternal.

Did you know?

Where do English surnames come from?

Surnames are so fascinating if you sit down and really think about it. Your surname likely links you to generations of your ancestors. Family names became more common in England after the Norman Conquest in 1066, when communities grew so much that folks needed to distinguish themselves from each other. Today, there are tens of thousands of English surnames. Examining some common ones can give you clues to a person's family history. Many surnames were functional descriptions. For example, the surname Davidson (son of David) is a patronymic surname that hints at a patriarch. The surname Madison may derive from Maud's son, which would make it a matronymic surname hinting at a matriarch. Then you had surnames linked to an employer or saint, so Kilmartin would mean a follower of Martin, and surnames connected to occupations such as Carpenter, Baker, and Slater. Some surnames may shed light on a forebearer—Swift may have been used to describe someone quick, and White may have been used to describe someone pale. Many surnames point to a place or geographical feature significant to a family's place of residence. Examples include Hill, Stone, Surrey, or Burton.

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