Uncover Your Childhood Trauma: Play this Fun Quiz Now!


There's no doubt you're heard of the online challenge that tells you what sort of childhood traumas you might be carrying around. Even if you had a picture-perfect childhood, there are undoubtedly some things that still bother you to this day. Since humor is a natural way of coping, we've created a quiz to help you pinpoint any lingering negativity plaguing you. Once you tell us about your current state of mind, the things you enjoy, and all about your childhood, we'll be able to identify the type of childhood trauma that you're facing. Whether it's a prank, your sibling pulled on you, or it all surrounds that one time you got lost in the woods, the answers you provide will lead us right to the heart of your psychological mindset. If you're ready to know what it is and how to shake it forever, give us your truthful answers. Let's get started!

Did you know?

Kids have bigger brains

Ok, ok. If we’re judging by size, adult brains are naturally bigger. However, kids have a lot more going on inside their brains than adults do. The average toddler gains two million new brain cell connections every second! That adds up to 120,000,000 new connections each hour. By age 24, the number drops to roughly 50% of that. When a child’s brain is exposed to stress, it can be more difficult for them to regulate the production of the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for connecting the learning and memory parts of the brain. If the levels are too high during a child’s development, as in the case of childhood trauma, the number of childhood memories a person can have could be affected. Oddly enough, the cerebral cortex (that controls memories) is the only one of two parts of a child’s body that hasn’t fully developed at birth. The other is the fontanel.

How to Play?

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