Uncover Your Inner Fears: What Would A Boggart Transform Into for You?


At this point, you already know your Hogwarts house and probably own a scarf or two just in case you have the chance to go to a Quidditch game. You know what materials your wand is made of. You probably even know your Patronus. But have you ever wondered what form a Boggart would take if you faced one? Remember, Boggarts are different for everyone, and it's best to be prepared for what you might face just in case you ever need to cast a "riddikulus" spell. Venture through this quiz and find out exactly what you'll be up against, should you ever need to defend yourself against this most terrifying enemy — second only to You-Know-Who.

Did you know?

Where does the "Boggart" come from?

As it turns out, JK Rowling didn't invent the Boggart. Boggarts have a long history in English Folklore. Instead of changing forms to match an individual's fear, the English mythological creature attaches itself to a particular family and causes general mischief. It doesn't matter where the family moves — the Boggart will follow. In English myth, naming the Boggart will make it more destructive, impossible to reason with, and a more permanent member of the family. Because Boggarts are a long-standing part of English mythology, the name has had several spellings throughout history, and some regional boggarts have names of their own, and "Boggart" is included in several place-names including Boggart Hole Clough, Boggart Bridge in Burnley, Lancashire, and Boggart Hill council estate in West Yorkshire. Putting out salt in the doorway or hanging a horseshoe above the door will keep boggarts away.

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