What Type of Picky Eater Are You?


We all have our food quirks and preferences, and being a picky eater can be quite an adventure. Whether it's a texture that makes you cringe or a flavor you can't stand, everyone has their own unique approach to food.

In this quiz, we'll explore your specific food preferences, aversions, and habits through a series of insightful questions. You'll discover the nuances of your eating style and what makes your taste buds tick.

Picky eating isn't just about avoiding certain foods; it's about the interesting ways we navigate our culinary worlds. From childhood dislikes that stuck with you to newfound aversions, each question will help uncover the reasons behind your picky eating habits.

Ready to uncover your picky eater personality? Let's dive in and see how your food choices define you. This quiz will help you understand and embrace your unique food preferences, making every meal a little more interesting and enjoyable!

History lesson

Early humans were mostly eating plant-based diets

Contrary to popular belief, early human hunter-gatherers primarily consumed plants and vegetables rather than a high-protein, meat-heavy diet. Recent archeological findings from the Peruvian Andes, dating back 9,000 to 6,500 years ago, reveal that wild potatoes and other root vegetables were dominant in their diet before the shift to agriculture.

Research led by Dr. Randy Haas from the University of Wyoming indicates that 80% of the early human diet consisted of plant matter, with meat making up only 20%. This challenges the conventional wisdom that early human economies focused predominantly on hunting. The study analyzed remains from the Wilamaya Patjxa and Soro Mik'aya Patjxa burial sites, using chemical comparisons of carbon and nitrogen in bones to local plants and animals. The findings suggest a diet rich in tubers, such as wild potatoes, with large mammals like deer and llamas contributing to the meat portion.

The misconception of a meat-heavy diet in early humans was partly due to the preservation bias in archeological records, which favor stone tools and butchered bones over plant remains. Additionally, the predominantly male perspective in archeology, viewing hunting as a masculine activity, reinforced the "macho caveman" stereotype. This study highlights the importance of re-evaluating our understanding of early human diets, recognizing the significant role of plant-based foods in their survival and daily life.

Did you know?

The health risks of picky eating

If you reject vegetables, refuse to try new foods, and stick to a limited menu of familiar dishes, you probably qualify as a picky eater. While this behavior is common in children and often dismissed as a phase, many adults continue to identify as picky eaters. Approximately 30 percent of people—nearly a third—report being picky eaters, according to a Washington Post article.

This selective eating can lead to nutrient deficiencies. Adults who limit their diets may struggle to meet their nutritional needs, leading to potential health risks such as type 2 diabetes and lower-quality diets overall. Picky eaters often consume less fiber and fewer vegetables, which are essential for maintaining good health. The reluctance to try new foods, known as food neophobia, exacerbates these risks, resulting in less diverse and less nutritious diets.

Socially, picky eaters may face challenges and stigma, feeling anxious or ashamed about their eating habits. This can make social interactions involving food stressful and uncomfortable. Despite these challenges, it's important for picky eaters to find ways to gradually expand their food preferences, aiming for a more balanced and varied diet. This can improve not only physical health but also social and psychological well-being.

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