What Type of Hair Do I Have?


,Your hairstyle is a reflection of your personality and can be a way of expressing your creativity. This easygoing quiz is loaded with questions designed to reveal what hairstyle you have. We don't have a crystal ball and psychic tendencies, we just know the right kind of questions to ask. Whether you're a lover of mohawks, or long ponytails, or simply prefer feeling irie with dreadlocks, this quiz will accurately predict your hairdo. Whether your current style suits your face or not, is not for us to judge—it can be hard to find something to suit your face and lifestyle. If you don't have a style that's not true to you, consider consulting an expert to match your hair to your personality and facial structure. Your hair (or lack of it) is one of the first things people see when they meet you, so it's important to make sure others get a good first impression. Right, let's cut to the chase and get started with the quiz!

History Lesson

The Future of Redheads

In the vast realm of human genetics, red hair emerges as a beacon of rarity, a hue that captures attention and curiosity. But whispers have been circulating. Whispers that suggest a world soon devoid of this fiery shade. Are these whispers rooted in reality? Or are they just myths, spun from misunderstandings?

Delving into the science, red hair is the offspring of a recessive gene, the MC1R. While only a fraction of people worldwide sport this color naturally, the gene won't just evaporate. Recessive genes linger, waiting for their moment. They might become rare, but they don't just vanish. So, even if the world witnesses fewer natural redheads, the ember of the gene remains, ready to ignite under the right circumstances.

Drawing inspiration from tales of uniqueness and resilience, redheads stand out. They're celebrated and often envied for their distinctiveness. The story of the redhead is a testament to the wonders of genetics. The narrative may evolve, but one thing remains certain: the flame that is the redhead will continue to burn bright, defying extinction and lighting up the world with its brilliance.

Did you know?

That long hair was associated with strength?

Hair has a range of meanings in different cultures, but back in Biblical days, it symbolized strength in men and "covering" for women. Israelite warrior, Samson, believed his strength was derived from his long, uncut hair. His name alone is derived from the Hebrew word meaning "sun", and it's believed that his long hair represented the sun's rays. The Christian Bible claims that hair is given to women as a covering to remain modest. A lot of importance was placed on long hair in the scripture, and it's believed that anyone who cut their hair would lose their strength. In religions like Judaism, Rastafarianism, and Sikhism, hair is a divine gift that should never be cut. To show absolute faith and dedication in these religions, hair should be left uncut. for some, leaving hair as is means leaving "God's creation" completely untouched. There's plenty of theology around hairstyles, body hair, and facial hair.

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