What Type of Bride Will You Be On Your Wedding Day?


The two of you dated for years and have been engaged for what feels like forever. You've met his family and his college roommate. Even his dog seems to like you. You've chosen your gown and assembled your bridesmaids. You've invited your guests and picked out a venue. Now your big day is finally here. Everything is ready for that special moment when you walk down the aisle. But one question lingers. What type of bride are you going to be when it finally comes time to take the plunge? Will you be a laid-back lady that goes with the flow no matter what unexpected events happen, or will you be a demanding bridezilla who is never quite happy with the way your wedding day unfolds?

Did you know?

What's the History of the Honeymoon?

We usually think of a honeymoon as a vacation alone for two newlyweds right after they get married. But it's not always been like that. Historians say the concept of the honeymoon can be traced back to the fifth century in European culture. Back then, time was tracked using the cycle of the moon. When a couple got married, they were presented with a month's worth of an alcoholic honey wine known as mead. The idea was that they were supposed to drink it together in 30 days, hoping it would lead to the couple conceiving their first child. By the 19th century, the concept of the honeymoon in Great Britain was one of a traveling vacation for the newlyweds. Often they would visit relatives who could not make it to their wedding ceremony.

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