What Presents Will You Get From Santa This Year?


He's making a list and checking it twice. Have you been good enough to make the nice list, or has your behavior put you on the naughty side? Every year, we celebrate, but we quickly forget that Santa can see you when you sleeping and he knows when you're awake. If you haven't been your best self this past year, Santa knows all about it. Then again, he also knows when you've been nice. Instead of having to wait until Christmas morning to find out what gifts are waiting for you under the tree, we thought you should know well in advance. Once you answer these questions, we'll consult with the North Pole to see what Santa thinks of your answers. Will they be good enough for you to get the gift you've always wanted? Get ready to find out what Santa's bringing you this year!

Did you know?

Candy canes have seen a lot of changes over the years

Candy canes are one of the Christmas season's most loved sweets, but they didn't start life out in any way you might recognize. Way back in 1670, a choirmaster from the Cologne Cathedral in Germany began to make candies to keep the choir quiet while Christmas services took place. In honor of the day's meaning, he bent them to resemble a shepherd's staff. However, they didn't look anything like you might recognize. Back then, candy canes were all white and simply called sugar sticks. It wasn't until the 1800s that candy canes became adorned with the red stripe that some believe symbolizes the blood of Christ. During that period, candy canes became the popular tree decorations that we know now. Since hanging fruits and sweets from trees and decorations was already a traditional way to celebrate, the easy-to-hang shape of candy canes were an automatic shoo-in. Since then, they've been the norm.

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