What Piercing Should I Get?


Are you thinking of getting a piercing but wondering which one to get? Do you stand out in a crowd, or are you more quiet and reserved? How do your values or ideals reflect what piercing is the right one for you? How you adorn your body shows the world who you are and what you believe. More than just a quiet accessory, a piercing says, "This is me!" Take this quiz to see what piercing you should get based on your personality traits. You may learn you have the perfect piercing already, or you may learn that you need to add a new one. When you finish the quiz, challenge family and friends to take it and see which piercing is best for them. Then take the trip to your local jeweler and make your results a reality.

History lesson

Diving into the world of body piercing: a quick guide

So, you're thinking about becoming a body piercer? Awesome choice! Body piercing is an art form that's been around for ages, and with the proper training, you can be a part of this ever-evolving industry. The most tried-and-true way to kickstart your journey is through a body piercing apprenticeship. Under the guidance of an experienced piercer, you'll learn the ropes and get hands-on experience. This mentorship is crucial, as it not only teaches you about health and safety but also fosters a positive relationship between you and your mentor.

Before you dive in, there are some prerequisites to consider. Ideally, your mentor should have at least five years of professional piercing experience and be up-to-date with CPR, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens Training. It's also a huge plus if they've attended the Association of Professional Piercers conference and have recommendations from peers. As an apprentice, you'll be expected to observe and learn from various piercing procedures, ensuring you're well-equipped to handle different piercing locations and techniques.

But it's not all about the technical stuff. Being a body piercer also means understanding the ethics and rights associated with the profession. For instance, every apprentice has the right to a clean, safe work environment and should be free from any form of harassment. On the flip side, mentors should uphold a code of ethics that ensures a respectful and professional relationship with their apprentices. As you embark on this journey, remember that continuous learning is key. Both you and your mentor should always be on the lookout for opportunities to further your education in the field.

Did you know?

Humans have been piercing body parts for over 5000 years

Piercing has been practiced for more than 5,000 years, with the earliest known piercing in "Otzi the Iceman," whose mummified remains were discovered in the Alps in 1991; however, the earliest documented facial piercing came from the remains of a young male who lived almost 12000 years ago in Africa. Ancient Egyptians also used piercing to honor their deities.

Approximately 3000 years ago in the Middle East, piercing was used to show tribal ties, political affiliation, and religious beliefs, and piercing during the Roman Empire was practiced mainly by males to show wealth and status.

Pirates are often depicted wearing one or more gold hoops in their ears, thought to be a form of life insurance to cover funerals and family expenses after they were gone.

Today, piercing is used for many reasons, from activism to fashion. Used for making an outfit pop to alleviate migraines, getting pierced is a personal decision. So which should you have?

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