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Peaky Blinders is a British television series based in Birmingham, England, which follows the story of a gang and their criminal organization. Tommy Shelby, who is played by Cillian Murphy, is a World War I veteran and the intelligent leader of the gang. Since airing, Peaky Blinders has grown rapidly in popularity, but the show has also already aired five seasons. Peaky Blinders is known and praised for its fast-paced storyline and powerful characters. Many fans of the show like to think of themselves as having qualities akin to that of ring leader Tommy Shelby, but not everybody can be as cunning and observant as his popular character. Maybe you are more like the well-intended and kind-hearted Lizzie Stark, or perhaps you are ruthless like Michael Gray. If you want to know which Peaky Blinders character you really are, take this fun quiz.


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Did you know?

Peaky Blinders is Based on a Real Story?

The sharp suits and dramatic storyline may make this hard to believe, but Steven Knight was inspired to write the script for Peaky Blinders when he learned about a real-life gang that his father had encountered. Just like in the series, the peaky blinder gang was involved in gambling, robbery, and many other crimes. Although, the real-life peaky blinders operated in the 1890s, as opposed to the 1920s, as is portrayed in the television program. It is also unlikely that the original peaky blinders kept razors in their caps. The eccentric name was most probably inspired by the peaks on their iconic caps and their well-dressed appearance, as "blinder" was British slang for having a put-together fashion sense. After a long run of committing crimes in the gang circuit, the majority of the historical peaky blinders reformed and went on to live normal lives, regretting their past mistakes. Whether the Shelby's will ever reform and return to normal life is yet to be seen.

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