What New Career Should You Pursue?


Sometimes, you just need to make a big change, whether for financial reasons, the desire to be challenged, or a growing family. Besides sleeping, working is the biggest single activity the average American spends their time on — more than eating, entertainment, or anything else. Because it's such a massive piece of day-to-day life, one of the best ways to completely transform your entire experience is to change up your career path. While it can be challenging to go into an entirely new field, sometimes requiring more education or apprenticeships, the rewards are well worth it. So let's ask the big question: what career is the best fit for you? Take this quiz and find out what your next career could be!

Did you know?

How often do people actually change careers? 

The answer isn't quite as straightforward as it looks. It is difficult to measure exactly in part because there isn't one definition for a "career change" (for example, is working in Human Resources after working in Retail for the same company a career change? What if its two different companies?). However, one thing is clear: major career changes are a lot more common than you might think. Researchers estimate that the average worker changes careers five to seven times throughout their working life. Keep in mind that while some jobs become obsolete, others take their place ("computers" at NASA were originally women who did computations by hand, and later those same women were hired to program the IBM mechanical computers NASA purchased during the Space Race). A savvy worker will keep on top of changes in their field at large and keep their skills current so that they are ready for the changes in the job description--or a new job entirely.

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