What Mirai Nikki Character Do You Resemble?


Even if the world of anime is unfamiliar to you, you have likely heard of the ultra-popular anime series Mirai Nikki (Future Diary). Released in 2011, the series gained the reputation of a must-see show among anime enthusiasts over the years. Still relevant and talked about almost 10 years later, the characters of Mirai Nikki are what make the show enticing and influential. The characters have remained just as fresh and loved by many as they were when the show was released. Have you ever wondered where you would fit among the 12 contestants in the survival game orchestrated by the god Deus Ex Machina? Or are you just curious and looking to find out more about this cult classic? Look no further than this test!  Let's out what character from the Mirai Nikki universe you resemble the most.

Did you know?

What is a “Yandere”?

A “yandere” is a popular anime character archetype, among many others, such as “tsundere,” “kuudere,” etc. In particular, the “yandere” is usually a female character that is introduced as sweet, loving, and caring before their persona takes a dark and violent turn. The yandere becomes infatuated with a male character and is willing to go to extreme, gory lengths to protect him and their relationship. The yandere is obsessed and will stop at nothing for her love. Why is this information relevant? Because Yuno Gasai, Mirai Nikki’s most infamous character, and arguably the real main character of the show, is of the yandere sort. Spoiler alert (not really since the show is 10 years old and this is a well-known element), Yuno falls in love with Yukki and kills for his love. As a matter of fact, our lovely Yuno has been voted the most popular yandere character as of 2013. Is that a good title to carry? Who knows, but it is what it is.

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