What Little Mermaid Character Are You?


The Little Mermaid is a true Disney classic that has had millions of children—and adults—wishing they were living in a fantastical world hidden beneath the waves. Loosely based on a fairytale written by Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Mermaid tells the tale of Ariel, a rebellious mermaid who wants nothing more than to explore the world above the ocean she calls home. The film covers themes of true love, adventure, friendship, and the dangers of half-octopus sea witches. From the incredible soundtrack to the unforgettable characters, The Little Mermaid is a masterpiece of a film that has led to multiple book series, several television series, theme park rides, and various stage and concert performances. Most recently, Disney released a live-action adaptation that gives the story new life. Whether you’re exclusively a fan of the original, a supporter of the 2023 fan, or a Broadway enthusiast, everyone wants to know what character best represents them. Just take this short quiz to find out if you’re a real mermaid princess or perhaps a very romantic crab.

History lesson

Do you know much about Hans Christian Andersen?

Born on April 2, 1805, in Odense, Denmark, Andersen was the son of a shoemaker and a washerwoman. His life was far from the idyllic worlds he created in his stories. Growing up in poverty, Andersen's early years were harsh and challenging, yet they helped shape his profound sense of empathy and understanding of life's intricacies.

As a young boy, Andersen possessed a vibrant imagination and a flair for storytelling. The seeds of his illustrious literary career were sown during these formative years as he created puppet theatres, crafted a toy theatre, and wrote his plays. These humble beginnings marked the genesis of a literary legend whose tales would later resonate with millions.

At the age of 14, Andersen moved to Copenhagen, leaving behind his mother and his humble background. There, he pursued his dream of becoming an actor and singer. But destiny had a different plan for this future raconteur. After his voice broke and unable to find consistent work in the theatre, he shifted his focus toward writing, a decision that would forever change the course of children's literature.

Despite his initial struggles and numerous rejections, Andersen eventually gained recognition. His fairy tales, such as 'The Ugly Duckling,' 'The Emperor's New Clothes,' and 'The Little Mermaid,' transcended geographical and cultural boundaries. Often inspired by his own experiences and observations, Andersen's stories beautifully encapsulated the vicissitudes of life while maintaining an aura of wonder and magic.

Yet, just like the tragic ending of his version of 'The Little Mermaid,' Andersen's life was tinged with melancholy. Despite his global fame and adoration, he yearned for love and acceptance, feelings that remained unfulfilled till the end.

Hans Christian Andersen's life was as dramatic and full of twists as the stories he penned. A man who rose from poverty to global acclaim, who knew loneliness intimately despite being loved by millions. Through his tales, Andersen became a confidante to every child, a beacon of hope, and a teller of truths wrapped in enchantment. His legacy continues to shine brightly, lighting up the path for every dreamer and wanderer. So, the next time you find yourself drawn to Ariel's undersea kingdom or empathizing with the ugly duckling, remember — you're stepping into the world of Hans Christian Andersen, a world as intriguing as the man himself.

Did you know?

Sebastian didn't always have the Caribbean accent?

As you might expect, making a movie is difficult. With so many moving parts and different talents coming together, things rarely end up the same as they were originally written. This is particularly true of animated musicals. Sebastian's voice is so iconic that it's difficult to imagine him sounding any different. However, the original plan was for Sebastian to have an English accent. This is quite fitting of his role as King Triton's advisor and Ariel's caretaker, even if it clashes with our current idea of who Sebastian is.

Lyricist and producer Howard Ashman was the one who suggested the Caribbean accent. However, even then, Sebastian still wasn't the crab we know and love. During casting, Sebastian was described as a cool, Sammy Davis Jr.-type character, and songs like Under the Sea were closer to jazzy ballads than their current, calypso-style forms. Samuel E. Wright, the voice actor for Sebastian, suggested speeding them up and then made use of a Trinidadian accent, creating one of the most beloved characters in the movie.

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