What Kind of Grandparent Are You Turning Out to Be?


We all have dreams of what our senior years will be like. Some of us focus on retiring and having the freedom to choose how our later years flow, where we spend them, and who we spend time with. Others feel a calling to keep close to family, frequently hosting grandkids for visits or offering childcare to our busy adult children. We prepare ahead for food and fun and create experiences for the grandkids that may make our own kids jealous. Some people with large families ensure they can host family gatherings and holidays and look forward to bringing everyone together. Others have limited family size or interactions and may become closer over time with those few choice relatives, or perhaps just touch base at holidays and birthdays. It's sometimes hard to tell what kind of grandparents we will be, ultimately. Both intention and fate play big roles, so let's see how it's turning out for you.

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According to the American Association for Retired Persons (AARP), about three million people in the U.S. are raising their grandchildren. They're pitching in to help when their own children are facing difficulties and are generally making a positive difference in their family's lives. Often, these families have faced more challenges than most along the way, but the intergenerational cooperation shows a significant strength and adaptability where everyone focuses on what's best for the grandkids. Both the families and the kids themselves seem to turn out well, even when their caregivers are so much older than their peers' parents. Their generational divide is larger than most, but clearly not insurmountable!

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