What Eyelash Extensions Should I Get? Your Ultimate Guide


Our expertly crafted quiz is designed to uncover the eyelash extensions that will elevate your look and seamlessly fit into your lifestyle. By understanding your beauty preferences, daily routine, and desired maintenance level, we'll guide you to the lashes that promise to enhance your natural beauty and simplify your makeup routine. Dive in and discover the lash extensions that not only match your dreams but are also waiting to redefine your beauty experience. Let's find your perfect lash match together!

Did you know?

From Cleopatra to Couture: The Timeless Journey of Eyelash Extensions in History!

Did you know that the fascination with long, luxurious eyelashes dates back to ancient civilizations? The Ancient Egyptians, both men and women, used kohl and other ointments to darken their lashes, believing it to ward off evil spirits and protect the soul through the eyes. Fast forward to the modern era, the first patent for false eyelashes was filed in 1911, revolutionizing the beauty industry. However, the eyelash extensions we know today began gaining popularity in the early 2000s, originating from South Korea before sweeping across the globe. Unlike their historical counterparts, today's extensions come in various materials, including silk, mink, synthetic fibers, and even LED lights for an extra glamorous touch. This evolution from protective ritual to fashion statement underscores the timeless quest for defining beauty, making eyelash extensions not just a trend but a fascinating blend of history and innovation.

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