What Do Your Dreams Reveal About Your Personality?


Does it feel like you have the same dream night after night, or do you have a hard time remembering them in the morning? Everyone dreams in their sleep, even if most people don't remember every single one. Many people dream about similar events. They can take narratives or feel completely random at times, but there has to be a reason your brain is creating them, right? Are there common themes that you've been trying to figure out? Many people dream of flying. Others may dream of falling or showing up for a presentation or test naked. Whether you dream of teeth falling out, wandering the halls of your old school, or meeting someone, there may be some hidden meaning in what you experience while you sleep. If you've been having recurring dreams, your mind may be trying to tell you something about yourself. Take this quiz and discover what your dreams reveal about your personality. The answer may be surprising!

History lesson

The enigma of dreams: a brief dive

When you hit the sack, your brain doesn't just switch off. Instead, it conjures up a series of images, emotions, and scenarios that we commonly recognize as dreams. But what's the science behind these nightly tales? Dreams, as described by the Cleveland Clinic, are like the strangest midnight movies, blending both bizarre and familiar elements. While the exact reason we dream remains elusive, a prevailing theory suggests that dreams help in consolidating and analyzing memories. This "rehearsal" might prepare us for the challenges we face when we're awake. Most of our dreaming happens during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase of sleep, where our brain activity is almost as fervent as when we're awake.

Switching gears to the Sleep Foundation's perspective, dreams are indeed one of sleep's most captivating mysteries. Since the late 19th century, when Sigmund Freud highlighted the potential significance of dreams, researchers have been trying to decode both the neuroscience and psychology behind them. Dreams can be vivid, fantastical, or even bizarre, often incorporating elements from our waking life. They can be in color, black, and white, or even cater to other senses, especially in individuals with visual impairments. The content of dreams can vary dramatically among individuals, and while some might see them as a window into the subconscious, others believe they might just be the brain's way of doing a bit of "mental housekeeping."

Dreams aren't just limited to pleasant scenarios. Nightmares, or distressing dreams that cause one to wake up can be a significant concern for many. While occasional bad dreams are a part of the normal dreaming process, frequent nightmares can disrupt sleep patterns. On the brighter side, if you're looking to remember your dreams better, some tips include thinking about your dreams immediately upon waking, maintaining a dream journal, and waking up gently without the jolt of an alarm. After all, understanding our dreams might just be the key to understanding ourselves a bit better.

Did you know?

Can you control your dreams?

Everyone dreams, but not everyone can control what happens during them. Some lucky people can lucid dream, meaning they're fully aware that they are dreaming as it happens. Some even report being able to control their dreams and do whatever they want within them, like directing a movie.

So, how common is it? Around half of people likely experience a lucid dream at least once in their lives. About 20% of the population reports having lucid dreams monthly, but just 1% say they experience lucid dreams several times per week.

Scientists don't fully understand the phenomenon yet, but some patterns seem to have been revealed during studies. One difference between lucid dreamers and those who can't is that those who do tend to have larger prefrontal cortexes. This part of the brain is responsible for memory recall and decision-making.

The key to lucid dreaming is recognizing a dream as it's happening. This is easier said than done, and though scientists have tried to trigger lucid dreaming, there aren't any 100% methods that work.

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