What Days Of Our Lives Character Are You?


Ah, the quaint town of Salem, where everyone is either a doctor, lawyer, international super-spy, or reformed murderer. Of course, we're not talking about the very real town of Salem, Massachusets, known for historic witch trials; no, we're talking about the upper-middle-class haven of Salem from Days of Our Lives, where everyone's backstory reads like a page from a soap opera. Because it is. If you're a fan of the hit daytime drama — and who isn't — the twisting turning plotlines of DOOL are nothing new. You likely have a notebook filled with characters you love and hate, but have you ever considered which Days of Our Lives character you're most like? Take a commercial break, settle down for a few moments, and we'll help you find out.

Did you know?

Days Of Our Lives break boundaries

Since 1965, Days Of Our Lives has always been known as a groundbreaking series tackling topics that no other show would touch. One major storyline involved the demonic possession of Marlena Evans. a fan favorite, which ended up leading to the creation of Passions, a soap opera that was groundbreaking itself with witches and a portal to hell. In more recent years, the show has been breaking LGBT representation boundaries with the super couple Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis. The couple had the first male-male wedding ever on daytime TV. When Paul Narita was added, the first Asian-American contract character, the show aired the first daytime queer love triangle. On the subject of race, Days also broke boundaries when Eli Grant, son of David Banning and Valerie Grant, was introduced as the first biracial child on daytime TV. Eli went on to marry Lani Price, and they were the first African American couple to be married on the show in its 54-year history. The show's actors are some of the hardest working, with them filming multiple episodes each and every day to create the five-per-week episodes that air.

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