What Color Should I Dye My Hair


Dying your hair a different color isn't a lifelong commitment like getting inked. When you dye your hair, the color can last anywhere from six weeks to three months. It does mean that you have to live with your chosen color for a good few months, but if it looks like a train wreck you can always redo your hair color...And get a new stylist. If you're wondering what color to dye your hair, you should set aside a few minutes and do this quiz. We'll ask a few leading questions that'll delve into the depths of your psyche to reveal what color hair you'd be most comfortable showing off in public. Whether you want to get rid of grey hairs or take on a new wild persona, getting your hair dyed can give you all the confidence you need to create a new you. So, how on earth do you choose a color? You do our quiz! Let's get cracking!

History Lesson

The Hair-Dyes of Dennis Rodman

In the world of sports, few have made as bold a statement with their hair as Dennis Rodman. His ever-changing hairstyles became as iconic as his basketball skills, each one telling a story, reflecting his mood, or making a statement. From the courts of the NBA to the global stage, Rodman's hair was a canvas, and he wasn't afraid to paint it with the boldest and brightest colors.

One of his most unforgettable styles was the "Green Machine." This fluorescent, highlighter green hairstyle was not just a fashion statement but a strategic move. Imagine being an opponent, trying to focus on the game, only to be distracted by a 6’7” figure with hair resembling a floating tennis ball. Then there was the "Blonde Bombshell," a style he began with a blonde mohawk and evolved over the years. It was a testament to Rodman's ability to reinvent himself, much like he did on the court. The "Bulls Logo" hairstyle, featuring the iconic Chicago Bulls symbol shaved and dyed into the back of his head, was a declaration of team pride and a symbol of his dedication to the game.

But Rodman's hairstyles weren't just about aesthetics; they often carried deeper meanings. The "Rainbow Road" was a vibrant journey through colors, reflecting the many facets of his personality. The "Smiley" showcased his playful side, while the "Ribbon" was a powerful statement in support of the LGBTI community and those suffering from AIDS. Through his hair, Rodman communicated, challenged norms, and showcased his individuality. In a world of conformity, his hairstyles were a beacon of uniqueness, reminding us all of the power of self-expression.

Did you know?

That the first hair dye was launched in 1907

Civilization began dyeing their hair way back in the 16th Century when a mix of natural dyes from plants was used to create the desired effect. Back then, common colors included black, green, yellow, and white. Popular plant derivatives for coloring hair included henna, turmeric, leeks, and walnut hulls. In more modern times, henna is still used for tattooing and hair dyeing. Some modern-day hair dyes still use a mix of plant-derived products and synthetic products for dyeing hair.

Fast forward to the 1800s when the Celtics would introduce a new technique of dying hair: using lime to make their hair blonde. Luckily, this progressed and became a long-forgotten method of coloring hair. Somewhere around the late 1800s, synthetic hair dye was discovered. Owner of L'Oreal, Eugene Schueller, publicly introduced the first synthetic hair dye in 1807. After some major developments in a growing industry, German cosmetic company Schwarzkopf introduced their first at-home hair dye in 1947.

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