What Character From Tangled Are You?


In the tapestry of animated cinema, "Tangled" emerges as a vibrant thread, intertwining the charm of fairy tales with the allure of adventure. Launched into the world by Walt Disney Animation Studios in 2010, this film reimagines the timeless tale of Rapunzel, infusing it with a modern spirit. With a budget that paints it as potentially the most lavish animated feature ever created, "Tangled" weaves the story of a young princess, Rapunzel, whose life is confined to a tower until her path crosses with the charismatic thief, Flynn Rider. Their encounter sets them off on a journey filled with discovery, laughter, and the unraveling of Rapunzel's true heritage.

Marking a pivotal turn in the realm of animation, "Tangled" blends traditional storytelling with pioneering technology, achieving a masterpiece that sparkles with the glow of Rapunzel's magical hair. The film stands as a beacon of artistic achievement, showcasing a unique style that mirrors the texture of oil paintings and embraces the warmth of hand-drawn animation. The melodies of Alan Menken, a seasoned composer of Disney's musical legacy, further embroider the narrative, adding depth and resonance to the adventure.

From its enchanting characters to its groundbreaking animation, "Tangled" captivates hearts, inviting viewers to look beyond the confines of their towers. It challenges us to venture into the unknown, armed with curiosity and the courage to pursue our dreams. Remember the mesmerizing display of lanterns that light up the sky, symbolizing hope and the search for connection? Or the transformation of Rapunzel, a princess who finds strength in her journey and the bonds she forms along the way?

As we untangle the layers of this modern classic, "Tangled" invites us to explore the themes of freedom, identity, and the enduring power of love. Are you ready to embark on this enchanting voyage through the realms of fantasy and discovery? Let's dive into the heart of "Tangled" and celebrate its place in the pantheon of animated treasures.

History Lesson

A Glimpse into the Original Tale of Rapunzel

Dive into the heart of a fairy tale that has enchanted readers for centuries—Rapunzel. Unlike the glossy, animated renditions we're all familiar with, the original story by the Brothers Grimm is a rich tapestry of love, despair, and magical hair. Imagine a world where a young girl is locked away in a tower by an evil witch, her only connection to the outside world through the window of her captivity. Rapunzel's tale begins not with her but with her parents' desperate wish for a child, a wish that leads them to steal from a witch's garden, sealing Rapunzel's fate.

The crux of the story centers around Rapunzel's hair, golden and long, which becomes both her prison and her key to salvation. When a prince, drawn by her haunting songs, stumbles upon the tower, their fates become entwined in a quest for freedom. Their plan for escape is simple yet fraught with danger, showcasing the courage and desperation of those bound by love and chased by malevolence. The original tale doesn't shy away from the dark realities of their journey, presenting a narrative that's as much about the struggle as it is about the triumphs.

What sets the original Rapunzel story apart is its raw emotional depth. The tale is steeped in the complexities of human emotion, from the witch's possessive cruelty to Rapunzel and the prince's resilient love. It's a reminder of the lengths to which people will go for love and freedom and the sacrifices they're willing to make. This story doesn't just offer a happily ever after; it reveals the thorns among the roses, inviting readers to look beyond the surface into the heart of what it means to fight for your own destiny.

Did you know?

The Story Behind Corona

Nestled within the heart-stirring narrative of Disney's "Tangled" lies a secret as captivating as Rapunzel's luminous hair: the Kingdom of Corona, her picturesque home, draws its inspiration from the breathtaking Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy, France. This storied island, a UNESCO World Heritage site, balances majestically at the edge of the sea, embodying a fusion of natural beauty and architectural marvel. Much like Corona, it stands as a testament to human ingenuity and the quest for spiritual ascent.

Mont-Saint-Michel, with its harmonious blend of medieval structures cresting atop granite, has served as a monastery, prison, and beacon to pilgrims and tourists alike. Its unique position, surrounded by the powerful tides, adds to the allure and mystique of the site, mirroring the enchanted atmosphere of Corona. The creators of "Tangled" embarked on a journey through European culture, weaving together French, German, Czech, and Eastern European threads to craft a kingdom that resonates with fairy tale allure yet feels grounded in real-world grandeur.

The architectural and cultural mosaic that is Corona showcases steeples that pierce the sky, cobblestone streets that tell tales of yore, and a tapestry of landscapes that frame Rapunzel's adventures. It's a world where every turret, bridge, and festival ground holds the promise of discovery, mirroring the spirit of Mont-Saint-Michel—a place where history and myth dance together under the glow of lanterns.

In "Tangled," as in the true essence of Mont-Saint-Michel, we find a celebration of resilience, beauty, and the endless wonder of exploration. Just as the island stands resilient against the tides, Corona gleams as a beacon of hope and dreams, inviting all who dare to dream to step into a realm where fantasy and reality converge.

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