Find Your Superhuman Match: Discover Which One Punch Man Character You Resemble!


Have you ever had the impulse to ascend to the terrestrial realm and claim it as your own? In the heat of battle, do you ever have the urge to swallow your opponent whole? Or it could be that you're prideful and conscientious yet find yourself envious of your allies' superior natural fighting abilities. Perhaps you can relate to the existential greyness of having so much power coursing through your veins that life feels disappointingly easy. If any of this sounds familiar or you've ever suspected you don't belong to regular life, you may be a character from One Punch Man in reality. While we can't tell you which wormhole you got lost in to escape the animated dimension and land in real life, and we certainly can't tell you how to return home, we can help you figure out which One Punch Man character you are with this quiz.

Did you know?

One Punch Man takes inspiration from the children's manga Anpanman

Anpanman is a manga that ran from 1973 to 2013 and was made into an anime in 1988 which is still in syndication today. If you familiarize yourself with Anpanman, you might be surprised to notice a number of commonalities between this protagonist and One Punch Man. The first similarity is in their names. Anpanman is made of bean buns — anpan in Japanese — and he is, well, a man. One Punch Man, too, is named after his most obvious physical trait, that being his ability to defeat any opponent with one punch. One Punch Man is also known for his unremarkable appearance relative to his immense strength. This appears to be inspired by Anpanman being an unremarkable superhero: he has no superpowers and helps people only with kindness. One Punch Man appears the way Anpanman actually is. But the most striking similarity between the two characters is their outfits. One Punch Man's suit and cape are clearly based on Anpanman's getup.

How to Play?

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