What Character From Flubber Are You?


"Flubber," a whirlwind of scientific discovery and comedic chaos, leaves an indelible mark on the landscape of 90s cinema. Birthed from the imaginative minds of Les Mayfield and John Hughes in 1997, this remake of the classic "The Absent-Minded Professor" propels us into the frenzied world of Professor Philip Brainard. Played with the unparalleled charisma of Robin Williams, Brainard is a scientist whose quest for a breakthrough energy source accidentally births the bouncy, vibrant green substance known as Flubber.

Situated within the hallowed halls of Medfield College, "Flubber" is more than a tale of scientific mishap; it's a heartwarming journey of love, missed chances, and redemption. As Brainard juggles his creations, his competitors, and his attempts to woo back his fiancée, Sara Jean Reynolds, the film dances between slapstick hilarity and touching moments of human connection. Flubber, with its incredible kinetic energy, not only revolutionizes the way we think about science but also how we perceive love and dedication.

From the chaos of Brainard's lab to the sky-high adventures in a Flubber-powered car, the film showcases the extent to which imagination can take us. Yet, amidst the laughter and scientific jargon, "Flubber" poses a simple question: can one man's love for science and his partner coexist? As we delve into the zany antics of Brainard and his sentient creation, we're invited to explore the intersections of innovation, love, and the sacrifices one makes in the name of progress.

Are you prepared to dive into the elastic world of Flubber, where science and heart collide in unexpected ways? Let's embark on this bouncy journey, where each leap is a step towards understanding the true weight of our ambitions and affections.

History Lesson

From Blackboard Scribbles to Bouncing Green Goo: The Evolution of Flubber

When we dive into the cinematic world of quirky inventions and absent-minded professors, it's impossible not to stumble upon the charming chaos of Flubber, a 1997 American science fiction comedy that captured hearts with its bouncing green substance. However, what some fans might not realize is that this beloved Robin Williams vehicle is actually a remake. The original blueprint for this story was laid down in 1961 with the release of "The Absent-Minded Professor," directed by Robert Stevenson. This classic film introduced audiences to Professor Ned Brainard, a character whose brilliant mind and forgetful nature led to the creation of a gravity-defying substance known as Flubber, short for "flying rubber."

The roots of Flubber trace back to a 1943 short story by Samuel W. Taylor titled "A Situation of Gravity," which inspired the characters and antics of the original film. Unlike its later adaptation, "The Absent-Minded Professor" was filmed in black and white, showcasing the adventures of Professor Brainard as he navigates the discovery of Flubber, missed weddings, and the subsequent chaos that ensues. The film was notable not just for its humor and special effects but also for its portrayal of the lovable, if not scatterbrained, protagonist who manages to save the day with his wacky invention.

Fast forward to the late '90s, and Flubber re-emerges, this time with the incomparable Robin Williams at the helm as Professor Philip Brainard. This modern take on the story breathes new life into the concept with updated effects, a vibrant green Flubber that's more animated than ever, and a storyline that, while paying homage to its predecessor, finds its own path in blending humor, romance, and the sheer joy of discovery. It's a testament to the enduring appeal of the original film's premise: a brilliant mind, a groundbreaking invention, and a world ready to be turned upside down by both.

Did you know?

Bouncing Behind the Scenes: A Flubber Fun Fact

Did you know that the laughter-inducing chaos of the Flubber bouncing scene, a hallmark of this madcap adventure, wasn't just a riot for audiences but also a source of amusement and unexpected challenges for the cast and crew on set? As Professor Brainard's (Robin Williams) laboratory becomes a whirlwind of bouncing green goo, what viewers don't see is the controlled mayhem that unfolds behind the cameras. The science equipment, meticulously arranged to depict a genius at work, became unwitting participants in a symphony of comedic destruction. Each burst of equipment wasn't just a special effect but a carefully orchestrated event that had to be timed perfectly to capture the essence of the uncontrollable substance known as Flubber.

This iconic scene was brought to life not in a real laboratory, but on a set constructed specifically for the film at Treasure Island in San Francisco. The production team, tasked with visualizing the magic of Flubber, faced the unique challenge of making the inanimate come alive. Through a blend of practical effects, puppeteering, and the early stages of computer-generated imagery, they created an unforgettable sequence that has since become synonymous with the movie's charm and inventiveness.

Adding to the on-set fun, the depiction of Flubber's erratic antics was enhanced in post-production, where the visual effects team added the CGI representation of Flubber flying around the room. This behind-the-scenes blend of real explosions and digital enhancements exemplifies the creative lengths filmmakers go to bring their visions to life, making the basement lab scene a memorable highlight of "Flubber."

So, next time you watch Flubber and find yourself laughing at the bouncing chaos, remember the orchestrated pandemonium that went into creating those moments of joy. It's a testament to the film's enduring appeal and the imaginative spirit that defines cinema's magic.

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