What Chainsaw Man Character Are You?


With its multitude of horror-ridden twists and turns, Chainsaw Man has steadily built a giant fanbase since its release. Delving into deep themes like humanity and honesty, its action-packed story lines are enough to keep viewers biting their nails. If you're asked hooked as everyone else, you're also comparing and contrasting yourself to each of the characters. Do you have the brutality and heart of Denji? Or are you more analytical persona like Santa Claus? Since questions like this should never go unanswered, we've come up with a way for you to find out which Chainsaw Man character you are at heart. By the time you answer each question, we'll be able to figure out who you share the most traits with. As we dig through your personality and your traits, you'll give it away. Don't wait a second longer to find out which Chainsaw Man character you really are — find out with this quiz!

Did you know?

Pochita resembles an actual product

Since 2018, Chainsaw Man has been attracting new fans. With a story that tugs and the heartstrings while being as gory as any horror film, Tatsuki Fujimoto's masterpiece has quickly become an anime favorite. While some might say that Pochita is a somewhat adorable devil-dog in appearance, his looks come from a logical place. In fact, Pochita is inspired by a specific brand of chainsaw called Makita. In fact, Pochita looks so much like the red-cased chainsaw for a reason. In Japanese, Pochi is our equivalent of Fido, or dog. When you at the last part of Matkita to it, you get Pochita — a name that's made up of the combination of the two. The Makita line of chainsaws can be found worldwide, but they've been a staple of Japanese landscaping since 1915. If you look it up, you'll be quite amazed by how much Pochita and the Makita line of chainsaws look alike.

How to Play?

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