What Animagus Is Perfect for Your Personality?


So you're thinking about becoming an Animagus? We get it — Animagi are among the rarest and most powerful witches and wizards. They have special magical abilities that allow them to shapeshift in the blink of an eye. Your Animagus will always be an animal or an insect; think of Sirius Black, who turned into an enormous black dog. This isn't transfiguration — you don't get to select your Animagus. Instead, you'll transform into the creature that's most closely aligned with who you are as a person and a magical being. Professor Minerva McGonagall turned into a clever, lightning-quick cat; brave James Potter turned into a majestic, courageous stag named Prongs. Your physical qualities can also play a part. If you're tall and muscular, you probably won't become a field mouse. Ready to discover which Animagus is the perfect fit for your unique personality? Answer these questions to find out which creature is in your future!

Did you know?

Becoming an Animagus

There's a reason there are so few Animagi in the wizarding world — it's hard work to become one! First, you need some serious skills in potions and transfiguration. Once you master the practicalities, it's time for the real challenge: keeping a Mandrake leaf in your mouth for an entire month. You're not allowed to swallow it or remove it until the full lunar cycle is complete.

It's not over yet: next, you must put the leaf in a special crystal container and add a strand of your hair. As if that wasn't hard enough, you'll need to use a silver spoon to collect untouched morning dew and the case from a specific type of moth. Hide your potion, and wait for a lightning storm. During those weeks or months, spend some time every morning and evening reciting a spell. When lightning strikes, the potion is ready. Drink it, recite the spell, and wait for the transformation to happen. Leave your clothes on — they'll become part of your Animagus, just as Professor McGonagall's spectacles became fur markings.

How to Play?

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