What 80s High School Clique Would You Veg Out With?


Back in the 80s, there were all kinds of posses, which meant there was a place for all types of individuals. From bimbettes to cowabunga dudes and Goths, the 80s was certainly an era of interesting high school characters. Most of these 80s stereotypes were reinforced in iconic movies such as Sixteen Candles and Valley Girl. When you're in high school, you're still figuring out where you belong. It's natural to gravitate towards a group with shared interests, but this often chops and changes throughout your school-going years. It's quite possible that a jock might become a nerd or a Goth decides to try out for the cheerleading team. An epic posse of like-minded people can provide support and friendship through your awkward years. Yo! Let's get started with this nostalgic quiz that'll ensure you take a bodacious trip down memory lane. From these seemingly randomized questions, we'll predict where you truly belong.

History lesson

Why are 80s horror films so cool?

Horror movies are the roller coasters of the cinematic world, offering us a safe space to confront our deepest fears and darkest anxieties. They're like the haunted houses of our childhood, where we willingly step in, knowing well that we're in for a spine-chilling ride. If there's a decade that truly defined what horror could be, it's the 1980s. Just like a classic cocktail, the 80s horror scene was a blend of various elements—cultural, technological, and artistic—that came together to create something truly unforgettable. The decade was a playground for special effects artists, who took advantage of new developments in prosthetics and animatronics to create some of the most iconic monsters and gory scenes in film history. Think of the grotesque transformation in "An American Werewolf in London" or the visceral body horror of "The Fly." These weren't just movies; they were visual feasts as intricate and detailed as a Michelin-starred dish. And let's not forget the soundtracks. The rise of the synthesizer gave us musical scores that were as haunting as they were catchy. Who can forget the eerie tunes of John Carpenter's "Halloween" or the pulsating beats of "Suspiria"?

But 80s horror wasn't just about aesthetics; it was a reflection of the times. The decade was marked by a sense of dread and uncertainty, fueled by the Cold War, the AIDS epidemic, and a general sense of societal unease. Horror movies tapped into these fears, serving as a dark mirror reflecting our collective anxieties. Films like "They Live" critiqued consumer culture and political complacency, while "A Nightmare on Elm Street" delved into the vulnerability of our subconscious minds. It's like sipping a bitter cocktail that you can't help but finish, a blend of terror and fascination that keeps you coming back for more. The 80s also gave us franchises and icons that have stood the test of time. Characters like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers became cultural touchstones, as recognizable as a classic Margarita at your favorite bar. These franchises have spawned sequels, reboots, and merchandise, making them a staple in the horror genre's landscape.

Of course, the decade wasn't without its problematic elements. Gender politics, cultural stereotypes, and social anxieties often play out in ways that can be uncomfortable to modern audiences. But even these aspects add a layer of complexity to 80s horror, making them subjects of academic scrutiny and critical reevaluation. So, why do we keep coming back to 80s horror? Perhaps it's the blend of artistic innovation, cultural relevance, and pure, unadulterated terror that makes these films so enduring. They're like a perfectly balanced cocktail, a blend of elements that come together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. And just like that cocktail, 80s horror leaves an impression that lingers long after the credits have rolled, a haunting reminder of a decade that changed the genre forever—cheers to 80s horror, the decade that keeps on scaring us in all the best ways.

Did you know?

The Breakfast Club was the most popular 80s movie

Back in the 80s, high school seemed to be a playground of fun and mayhem. From dudes skating down the hallways to jocks jumping on tables and Goths smoking behind buildings, the 80s school life has always been depicted as chaotic. Most schools had cliques, ensuring individuals always had someone similar to chill with.

In 1985 a movie by John Hughes called The Breakfast Club was released. It was a coming-of-age comedy-drama largely about various high school cliques. The budget for the movie was only $1 million—most of it was filmed in one solitary location at a school. The movie raked in a whopping $51.5 million, cementing its reputation as one of the most popular movies of the decade. The Breakfast Club broke down stereotypes and showed that individuals from various high school cliques can be friends. After five students met every Saturday for detention, they realized they had a lot in common. Various issues, such as love, expectations, and societal pressures, are explored in the movie. The primary message teaches people to look further than their cliques.

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