Were You Paying Attention During Poppy Playtime?

Introduced by MOB Games in 2021, Poppy Playtime has quickly become a favorite among gamers who love survival horror games. The plot relies heavily on psychological thriller effects, creating a suspenseful playthrough that ignites the imagination.

Poppy Playtime centers around an abandoned toy factory that’s home to dark and dangerous secrets, and it’s your job to try and unravel the mysteries — that is if you can get past the obstacles sent by a handful of menacing characters. If you’ve already played the game, enjoy the quiz! And if you haven’t, be warned: There are several plot spoilers ahead, so try to play Poppy Playtime first before you take the quiz!

Did you know?

Your Poppy Playtime character is faceless

When Youtooz Collectibles unveiled its brand new line of Poppy Playtime merchandise in March 2022, millions of fans worldwide were shocked, delighted, and horrified to discover that the player character has no face. Along with four-inch figures for characters such as Poppy, Huggy Wuggy, and Mommy Long Legs, MOB Game released a "Player" figure for gamer collectors. And unlike its companions, "Player" has a completely blank face with no discernable features. Since its public debut, the faceless Player figure has created quite a stir in bright yellow with red and blue gloves.

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