We'll Tell You How American You Are by Identifying These Foods


So, you think you know all there is to know about regional American foods? This quiz will put you to your limits. We hope you’re well-versed in country food, food from New York, and even the beach towns in the USA. Most Americans believe that Cheez Whiz, crackers, and a root beer is a treat. But most “outsiders” think that Cheez Whiz is nasty fake, crackers are pointless, and root beer tastes like medicine. Put that in your back pocket.

Everyone has different taste buds and opinions, but anyone who has lived their whole life in America, will know at least most of these foods. However, many people stick to their own region (ex. The Midwest). If this is you, you may not know what New York  Style pizza is or why you would want to eat in Charleston. So, this quiz is to see how far off you are or if your American instincts will take over. Let’s see how good you do. You may surprise yourself and ace the test, who knows?

However, you may already be an expert as far as food in any country goes. So this will be an easy brush up on American cuisine that will keep you busy for a few minutes! How fun!

Did you know?

Spaghetti and Meatballs are American

In Italy, you won’t find spaghetti and meatballs together in traditional restaurants. They do serve meatballs, but they are served as a meal themselves. The same with pasta, it generally is meatless. There is a saying that states Italian men think it’s not a meal without bread while American men believe that it’s not a meal without meat. It varies depending on the country, but it still is similar in each.

So to Americanize food, often, meat is put into the dish. Take meatloaf to show you how drastic this can be. Meatloaf is an American food. No other country thought about taking ground meat and making a cake out of it. They’d rather have actual cake. But Americans like to eat meat so much they made a meat cake. Foreigners often hate the idea of it. On the same note, pot roast is an American original that consists of another meat cake. This one is more solid.

This meat obsession is the second odd thing foreigners believe Americans obsess over. Number one is fried food. They wonder why on earth people would fry perfectly good things. Many don’t enjoy the taste of artery clogging grease. Who knew? Fried pickles, corn dogs, and funnel cakes aren’t what everyone dreamed about. Don’t get them wrong; there are plenty of “unsavory” foods in other countries too. It’s what we are accustomed to that makes the difference.


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