Want to Impress Your Friends with Sports Trivia?


Want to turn heads and impress your friends? Its no lie that a lot of people around the world claim to love sport. With around 2 billion of us tuning in to watch or listen to some sort of sport on a regular basis. Sport captivates, inspires and motivates. It keeps us entertained and gives us something to talk about on Monday morning. We're going separate the best from the rest and see if you have what it takes to be crowned a sports trivia champion.


We will be focusing on an array of different sports, from Tennis to American Football. Do you know your Andy Murray's from your Andre Agassi's? And do you really know what the offside rule is? There is no better way to prove your worthiness, so what are you waiting for, get started!

Did you know?

Ever hear of Stadion?

The first sport to ever be recorded was a foot race, the only event hosted at the Ancient Olympic Games way back in 760 BC. More events were added in the years to come: such as boxing, discus, javelin, wrestling, and jumping. Chinese history describes a sport known as ‘Tsu Chu,' which was very similar to soccer in the way that no hands were allowed and the sport focused on kicking a small leather ball into a small hole – a sort of combination of soccer and golf. Nowadays, soccer is the most popular sport played globally and captivates the hearts of millions of people worldwide. At the 2020 Olympic Games, there is scheduled to be a record-breaking 33 main events, the most contested in Olympic history.

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