Want a Taste of Canadian Foods?


When deciding on a place to eat, "Canadian" is seldom the answer to the "what are you in the mood for?" question. Like what do Canadians eat anyway? Pucks and moose? Sorry Canada, that was a bad joke.

Canada is a huge country with a diverse population, and it's culinary palette is changing daily. Every country has its own culinary preferences. You may even already be enjoying some Canadian culinary contributions and not even know it. Whether you're looking to find a new dish, or miss a rich treat, give'r on this quiz! Bon Appetit!

Did you know?

A little history…

One food we didn’t include in the quiz is Canada’s Pemmican. The name is a Cree word for “manufactured grease.” Made with whatever meat and berries were available at the time, this concentration of fat and protein was a source of nutrition when resources were scarce. The lean meat of buffalo, elk, deer, moose is cut into small chunks that are slow roasted until hard and brittle. These cooked down chunks of meat are then pounded flat into a coarse powder and mixed with melted fat. Available dried fruits such as cranberries, currants, blueberries or cherries were also pounded into the meat/fat mixture, which could then be packed into rawhide bags and store for years. This high-energy, high-protein food mix was a traditional food of the native people of North America and then widely adopted by traders and explorers. The dish could be served raw, boiled in a stew with onions and potatoes or fried to reheat.

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