Wanna Know Which "Love Is Blind" Character You Vibe With?


Dating is difficult. With jobs, pets, family, and your hobbies, friends, and past times, relationships and their eventual pratfalls can be a bit of a dud. Finding a soulmate can seem as arduous as folding laundry, opening your eyes to a Monday after a wonderful holiday, or scraping burnt spaghetti off a pan from last week. Who has time to mingle and mangle through the dating scene just to come up empty-handed again? What if you could sit in a room and have your soulmate come to you! Could the happily ever after you're looking for be as close as a click away? The creators of Love is Blind certainly think so, and we're here to help you find your soulmate from the show!

Did you know?

Have you ever dated 15 people in a day?!

You would if you were a contestant on Love is Blind! The participants chatted it up with potential spouses for up to 12 hours a day. In the first days of the ten-day filming schedule, singles mingled in the pods with 15 other individuals getting to know them. From there, they were able to go on longer "dates" in the pods. As the applicants whittled down who they wanted to spend the rest of their life with (or not), time spent in the pod progressed to three hours and sometimes longer. The pod dates were blind, meaning they had no idea what the other person looked like. Could you do it? Could you fall in love with someone you've never actually seen?

How to Play?

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