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Everybody needs some time away, away from the stress and demands of work and regular life. It's fun to explore new places and see new sights. Whether you go with a group of family or friends or head out on your own, it's important for your body and soul to unplug and recharge occasionally. This reality makes your vacation destination is important. Some people like to vacation in the solitude of nature. Others prefer the hustle and bustle of amusement parks. Some people even plan their vacations around visiting haunted hotels. So which location is best for you?  Maybe you belong in a European castle or a tropical beach or even an exotic safari. Best of all, with this quiz, you don't need a plane ticket. You don't need a passport. You don't even need a suitcase. You just need to answer the questions as best as you can. So sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Did you know?

How much does the world's most expensive hotels cost?

Vacations can be costly. From plane tickets to rental cars to all those meals on the go, lots of people save up for an entire year just to be able to afford a week away from home. One of the things that tends to cost the most is your lodging. Many try to stay in budget hotels or crash at a friend's house to save some dough. But if money is no object, there are some luxury hotels around the world you might want to visit. For just $15,000 a night, you can get a room at the Raj Palace in Jaipur, India. The four-floor suite offers great views, an elevator, and even a private museum. For just $20,000 a night, you can stay at the Sky Villa at Las Vegas' Palms Casino Resort. It comes with its own pool that extends out onto a balcony with a great view of Sin City. And if you can scrounge up $195,000, you can stay a night at the White Desert Luxury Retreats in Antarctica. The price tag includes a private jet flight to the resort and a chef-prepared gourmet dinner.

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