Wanna Find Out Which WWE Wrestler You Are?


Wrestlers from the WWE are some of the most iconic characters in the world who are known for capturing the hearts of adoring fans with their athletic prowess and theatrical talent. While Greco-Roman wrestling involves a lot less makeup and a lot more pins, in the WWE, you come for the costumes and stay for the show. Everyone has their favorite good guy who wins fans over with a brilliant smile and glistening thighs. However, there are always those villains we love to hate for their constant jeering, doom-filled entrances, and many betrayals. Every fan of the WWE has that one wrestler they'll always cheer for even if they've left the show. We're wondering if your fan favorite is really the one you're most like...

Did you know?

Wait, what happened to the World Wrestling Federation from days of yore?

We're familiar with the WWE and its iconic logo, but that name wasn't always the face of this flamboyant show. The show has been through a lot of different names, including WWWF (World Wide Wrestling Federation), WWF (World Wrestling Federation), WWFE (World Wrestling Federation Entertainment), and then finally what we know it as today. Many of the changes were due in part to acquisitions and branding makeovers. However, the WWE dropped the word  "Federation" from its moniker because of a lawsuit from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) suing World Wrestling Federation (the original WWF) trademark infringement. So we actually have a legal battle to thank for the great brand name. While legally, World Wrestling Entertainment has been the entity's name since it was changed in 2002, WWE has been the sole brand name since 2011.

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