Wanna Find Out How Basic Your Movie Tastes Are?


Let's start off by saying at some level; everyone is a bit basic. We all have a feel-good movie that lifts our spirits after a bad day.  If we were to line up all the movies you've ever seen and enjoyed, where would you fall on the spectrum? Do the movies you love follow a basic formula? Does the good guy always get the girl? Does the villain always get caught in the end? Or do you prefer if art imitates life with its casual nuances? When your friends want to watch a movie, are you often the odd person out, or do you fit in everywhere you go?  Well, let's find out if your movie tastes are basic. Even if they are, don't fret. The coolest kid you've ever known is basic on some level, too.

Did you know?

Which movies are considered the best of all time?

Of the many best movie lists, the one compiled by the Hollywood Reporter is unique. They surveyed industry professionals with the premise that the best people to judge the best movies are the people who make movies. At number ten, Schindler’s List, the first black-and-white film to win an Oscar since the 60s. At number nine, 2001: A Space Odyssey, super innovative special effects for the time. At the number eight spot is E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial; Spielberg has seven movies on this list of one hundred. At number seven, we have The Godfather: Part II, controversial? Sitting at number six is Casablanca, here’s looking at you, kid. At number five, Pulp Fiction. Tarantino once said that the second movie from a filmmaker is almost more important than the first. An odd choice at number four, The Shawshank Redemption. What makes it odd? Its ticket sales were terrible. Coming in at number three, Citizen Kane, often called the greatest American movie ever made. At number two, The Wizard of Oz – if I only had a brain! Finally, number one is The Godfather, considered a feat of creative alchemy that has never been repeated. Do you agree with this list? Which movies are your favorites?

How to Play?

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