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Nathan, Heywise Staff
By Nathan, Heywise Staff

Car quizzes can often split people into two groups: those that view cars as a way to get from home to work and those that view cars as a beautiful feat of engineering. Regardless, most of us interact with cars daily, which gives a fair shot at the finish line for the majority! We all know the difference between a boot and a bonnet but how many can explain what a muscle car is? Cars give us the freedom to explore the world around us, and this quiz will give you the opportunity to explore how much you know about your car! Do you know about the history behind your favorite car brands, or do you just love the way they feel to drive? Now's the time to discover how much knowledge you've collected while buffing your car and oiling her engine up. Are you really a petrolhead?

Did you know?

Volkswagen is actually a giant company

Volkswagen may be known for their cars with the famous blue and white logo of the V on top of the W, but the company actually owns many other car brands and companies. Volkswagen currently owns a whopping 12 different car brands or companies. These include Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati, Lamborghini, Porsche, etc. Audi, a very popular car brand, has actually been owned by Volkswagen since 1965 but has existed since 1909. Bentley is actually younger than Audi, founded ten years later in 1919, and has been part of Volkswagen since 1998. Full ownership was not acquired until 2003. Volkswagen itself was founded in Berlin in 1937, but its current headquarters and central factory are located in Wolfsburg, Germany. Now one of the most popular car brands in Europe, Volkswagen has expanded and built their company to a large success.

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