Choosing Your Next Car Made Easy: Let Our Quiz Be Your Guide

From roadsters to trucks to motorcycles to the classics, the car you drive is a reflection of your own personality. Maybe you're into friends and family. Perhaps you love exploring the great outdoors. Or the newest technology might be your thing. We all spend so much time behind the wheel it only makes sense that our rides would start to resemble our own personalities. But cars aren't cheap, and nobody wants to spend all that money on some wheels that aren't a good fit. So, what type of vehicle should you purchase the next time you roll up to a car dealership? Take this quiz out for a spin to help drive home some answers. You might discover an off-roading truck is in your future. Maybe you need an electronic vehicle that burns clean fuel. Or perhaps a traditional American sedan is more suited for you. Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.

Did you know?

People used to get their kicks on Route 66

The road trip is one of the quintessential experiences of modern American life. You get your family and friends to pile into a car, and you head off to a destination down the road. The road trip itself was often more fun than the place you were driving to. For decades, many road trips were centered around Route 66. The highway began in Chicago and took drivers through the midwest and into the southwest before ending in sunny Southern California. Entire towns with gas stations, diners, and lodging sprung up along its path. As the car culture grew in America, so did Route 66's popularity. Songs and TV shows were inspired by it. Families mapped out their vacations around it. Unique roadside attractions found their perfect audience. But all good things must come to an end, and by 1985, most of Route 66 had been bypassed by the more modern interstate system.

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