This Bumper Cricket Quiz Is a Real Test Match


Have you ever seen a perfectly round field covered in manicured grass, with a worn pitch smack dab in the middle sandwiched between a pair of wickets? It's a thing of beauty, especially on a clear, bright day. Add in a couple of bats and a ball, and you have all the components for that most gentlemanly of games, cricket. Hundreds of millions of people around the globe play this popular sport for fun. And millions more are avid viewers of the competitive international matches featuring elite athletes in action. Fans pick their favorite players and teams on the world stage, but ultimately cricket is about patriotism and long leisurely days spent at stadia or in front of the TV supporting your country. Our cricket quiz will test your knowledge of the basics and the not-so-simple, so put on your imaginary leg pads, grab that cup of tea and let this inning commence.

Did you know?

What's the deal with Cricket in the United States?

Cricket is an old game. Played as early as the 12th century, it's changed over the years to become the modern iteration die-hards know and love. And even though it might not seem like it, cricket's relationship with North America goes a fair way back too. The very first international cricket match was an 1844 showdown between Canada and the United States in New York City. It was also the first official international game in any sport, and 20,000 spectators attended the inaugural event. Canada still plays the U.S. every year in a fixture called the Auty Cup, making for one of the world's longest international sporting rivalries. But cricket remained elitist in the 19th century, and baseball became a favorite. Only Philadelphia produced a world-class cricket team and a legend by the name of John Bart King. The Philadelphian team would go on to play first-class cricket stateside until 1913. Today, there's growing interest in cricket, and the next decade or so should prove interesting.

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