Think You've Got What it Takes to Match the Nurse to their Movie/TV Show?


Here’s our prescription for boredom — a quiz featuring Florence Nightingale’s fictional followers. After all, Hollywood loves to set its movies and television shows in the high stakes environment of health care. Whether it's the big city emergency rooms, or private practices in posh places, or war zone heroics, there is an abundance of portrayals of the so-called "physician's handmaiden" on TV and on the big screen.

For this quiz, we'll ask you to identify either the character name of a famous fake nurse or the person who played the role — you’ll see the character/performer in the screenshot. The questions will make it clear which one we're looking for, so don't get a headache over this. If you do, we suggest two aspirins (or a lime in a coconut) and calling your doctor in the morning. Certainly we don’t expect anyone working on this one to need to rush to the Emergency Room — unless this serves as a reminder there are some very attractive people working there (at least it always looks that way, right?).

Did you know?

Female Nurses Make Less Than Male Nurses

There are somewhere between 3.5 million to 4 million employed nurses in the world. Out of all of those nurses, only about 300,000 of them are male. That means that less than ten percent are male and over ninety percent are female. However, this number is up seven percent from 1970 when less than three percent of nurses were male.

The average salary for a male nurse is $70,000 per year, while the average salary for a female nurse is just over $50,000. This doesn't seem possible if they are both doing the same job, but facts are facts.

When working as anesthetists, the male nurse salary is an average of $160,000 per year, which is over twice as much as the male nurses in other practices make. The difference in men and women is still unjustly great. Men and women with the same scores from the same nursing schools have a great difference in their earnings. To get you a perspective, for every dollar the male nurse makes, the female nurse makes 91 cents. Nurses everywhere hope to end this gap and even out the nursing field, but until then, females nurses must live with making less than their male counterparts.

Flip it around, and you'll see that the number of women who study as doctors is growing. In the US alone, about 30% of doctors are women, and less than 10% are surgeons. You'd think that if the logic in nursing worked, women would make more than men being a doctor. But, the average salary for women is still as much as $100,000 less than men.

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