Think You’re Smarter than Master Billy Quizboy?


Fans of the Adult Swim show The Venture Bros. will be well aware of the character Master Billy Quizboy.  The big-headed friend and ally of Dr. Venture, as well as a close friend and partner of Pete White. Master Billy Quizboy was born with a condition known as Hydrocephalus. This occurs when cerebrospinal fluid enters the brain. Billy contracted the condition in his mother’s womb. The condition usually has negative consequences on brain ability in real life. Though Billy was born with a high intelligence and continues to be a self-proclaimed boy genius. Despite no longer being a boy.

He is a self-taught neurologist and master surgeon. He often finds himself to be the victim of kidnappings. Usually to perform complex surgery on criminals and villains.

This quiz can be considered as the ultimate general knowledge quiz and a true test to see if you are smarter than the man, the myth, the legend. Master Billy Quizboy.


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Did you know?

Failure is an option...

The creators of the Venture Bros. describe the main theme of the show as failure – quoting that “every character is not only flawed, but sucks at what they do, and is beautiful at it.” The show is based on a 1960’s show called Jonny Quest, which featured a young boy who followed along with the wacky adventures of his scientist father. There are several references to British rock band Led Zeppelin in the show, with Brock Samson’s collection of “Zep” cassette tapes and an incomplete tattoo of the band’s logo on his arm. The character Hunter is said to have been based on famous gonzo writer Hunter S. Thompson while The Monarch’s New Jersey home is modeled after the Krueger Mansion, located in Newark, NJ

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